Ganzberg is Premium Beer establishing in Cambodia. 

Every year, Ganzberg organizes a futsal competition named “Ganzberg Cup” which has partnered with the Football Federation of Cambodia and PNN TV to host this spectacular event to promote Cambodia football on the global stage. Every year, GLF FC always registers to join the Ganzberg Cup in order to promote GLF as branding to public through Sports. At end of 2022, GLF registered at futsal competition called “ The 6th GANZBERG CUP 2023”. There are 10 regional qualifiers and top 32 teams will contest the knockout stages for a chance to claim the Champion nationwide. During competition in Phnom Penh region, GLF FC got 2nd place out of other teams in Phnom Penh which is qualified and continued to TV Live. The first match of final stage will be kicked off on 8th January 2023. All knockout matches will be televised, live from T-Soccer from 8pm on Sundays.

We registered “The 5th GANZBERG CUP”
Our result was best 8.


We registered “Tiger Street Football festival 2019”, our result was 32.

In April, we registered “Ganzberg Cup 2019”, now we are in competition.

Other activities:

Pick up garbage after practice. We respect pitch and supporters with clean. We hope it will be a new culture.



We registered “GANZBERG FUTSAL CUP 2018” our result was 2nd place.


we registered “Tiger Street Football festival” there are 120 teams from Phnom Penh and 230 teams from provinces, our result was 3rd place in Phnom Penh and 4th place in country.

In October, we registered “INTEGRITY FOOTBALL CUP 2017” we got the champion.


We registered “Holy Cup” our result was the best 4.

We registered “Pocari Sweat Cup” our result was the best 8.

2015 we started activity officially with name “GLF Football Club”.

We registered “K11 Cup”, our result was the best 8.

We registered “4D Cup” our result was the 3rd place.


We started without official name.