At GL Finance, in addition to career development opportunity, we also offer Scholarship Program, Life Improvement Program, Domestic and Overseas Annual Study Trip, Staff Award and Achievement Recognition.

Scholarship Program: provide scholarship to our employees to pursue own capacity building and higher education for their own.

Life Improvement Program: provide financial supports for any kind of life improvement they wish to have.

Domestic and Overseas Annual Study Trip and Annual Party: provide annual study trips to all employees, following their tenure at the company, to reinforce team work and get more understanding about our group’s business, and annual party is held at every year end to celebrate achievement and re-energize to accomplish the following year target.

Staff Award and Achievement Recognition: held every month to appreciate the best-performing employees and encourage for further achievement.

Compassionate Allowances: provide financial supports to employees who have their life events like marriage, baby delivery, etc.

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Taking successful business aside, giving back is a huge part of what motivates us as a company, and as individuals. Mr. Mitsuji Konoshita, our Chairman and CEO of Group Lease PCL, once said “sports are my life and many of my business connections and inspirations come from playing sports”. In parallel with this, we have an in-depth belief in sports in driving ones’ commitment and motivation for success in their own way. Additionally, education is fundamental to Cambodia’s economic development and growth. Collectively, GL Finance has such values and our social activities are directly and indirectly connected to development of this.

Sport: we have been the main sponsor and official partner for Tennis Federation of Cambodia. Additionally, we also supported JDFA Football Clinic in Cambodia that provides opportunity for young players to realize their dreams.  We have our GLF Football Club that provides a perfect environment for our team to build solidified spirit and unity.

Education: we donated Kubota agricultural machinery to the University of Battambang, the second largest city in Cambodia. The donations were made not only with the belief that it would serve Cambodian students a better understanding on the benefits of mechanization in agriculture, but also to train them the state of the art farming Technics which are vital for the future development of the country. We also support the National SME Business Plan Competition organized by the Cambodian International Education Support Foundation – CIESF. We are proud to support this competition as it raises awareness about entrepreneurship and provides an opportunity for the participants to create innovative businesses that will contribute to the development of Cambodia.