Privacy and Security

1. Customer Information Collections
GL FINANCE Plc. strictly protects the customer’s privacy and confidentiality. Normally, we collect the information from customers directly and other sources such as credit bureau, chief of village, agent dealers, messages and other electronic channels.
2. Customer Information Disclosure
GL FINANCE Plc. may need to disclose the customer information mainly about credit history to the credit reporting bodies such as Credit Bureau Cambodia (CBC), the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) as required by the laws of the financial institutions in Cambodia.
3. All Rights Reserved
The information contained in this website/Mobile App is for general information purposes only. The information will be kept up to date and corrected. All Contents, Artworks, Pictures, and Designs on this website/Mobile App subject to the copyright of the GL FINANCE Plc. They are not allowed to reproduce or upload by the third parties without the informed consent.
4. Change and Acceptance
GL FINANCE Plc. reserves all rights to make any content and information on the website/Mobile App changed without prior notice the customers and the public.
For more information, please contact us at 096 60 60 666.