GL Finance Plc’s vision is following the vision of the Parent Company, Group Lease, 3 “One and Only” which include:
1. Globally Developing Group
2. Rural Area Dominator
3. Digital Finance Company

GL Finance is maintaining its position as the leading Digital Finance Platform Provider for the group which is building Digital Finance Platform for Billions.

GL Finance Plc is a subsidiary of Group Lease PCL, a leading and fast growing digital finance company listed on The Stock Exchange of Thailand. Group Lease PCL has a long history back to 1986 and undergone significant milestones. In 2004, the group was listed on The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET). In 2012, the group officially expanded its first overseas subsidiary, GL Finance, to Cambodia. By end of 2016, the group expanded its operation to 7 countries in Asia with its plan to increase its commercial presence to 20 countries by end of 2017.



  • Group Lease PCL selected as SET 100 and MSCI (Morgan Stanley Capital International)
  • Our group’s expansion to Indonesia, Myanmar and Sri Lanka
  • New product: Motor for Cash
  • New product Agricultural machinery for Cash
  • Acquiring 5,000 GL Agent Dealers


  • New product: Solar Panel System leasing
  • Our group’s expansion to Laos


  • New product: Kubota agricultural machinery leasing


  • First product: HONDA motorcycle leasing
  • Start of Cambodia Operation
  • Exclusivity Agreement with N.C.X.Co., Ltd
  • License from National Bank of Cambodia in May
  • Certificate of Incorporation from Ministry of Commerce in March


  • First financial service expert team arrived to study Cambodian market


  • Group Lease PCL was listed on Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET)


  • Group Lease PCL was founded

As of end of 2016, we have more than 5,000 sales channels, including Point of Sales and GL Agent Dealers, at all 25 cities and provinces ready to serve our customers at every corner of Cambodia.

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